Our Journey with Lingerie

Why Lingerie

This adventurous journey started about 3 years ago while we were looking for under attire for ourselves. We realised that there were very few options available for women and men with a variety of different shapes and sizes. 

We decided to investigate...

Our specific findings for larger size and shapes, we found that the lingerie was not very attractive or sexy but then on the other hand the other 'regular sizes' as the shops would suggest are not comfortable at all! 

Therefore we wanted to set out and invigorate the lingerie market. Over the past 2 years of research from trials and many many mishaps and laughter, we have created products that will suit both men and women with any shape and most sizes. 

The Mengerie Product

Our Mengerie product has been designed with a naked feeling & soft defining fit. It has a crown jewel support for him and sensually pleasing for her. 

Our under attire are stylish, comfy, sexy plus very funky. Our Australian made and designed products has its own unique benefit as per design application.

What are our lingerie design benefits

  • No leg seam lines
  • Assist with prevention of perspiration, rashing and chaffing
  • Gonad support
  • Long lasting
  • Breathable 
  • Robust
  • Lightweight material is used on all of our products